Intellectual property licensing agreements, are vital in today’s business world as a means of capitalizing and exploiting one’s trademark, copyright, and patents. Most companies rely heavily on the revenue and royalties they receive from licensed products, therefore the underlying protection of the intellectual property itself has become paramount. As with any contract, clear expectations should be defined for long term conditions, compensation and renewal. Indeed, intellectual property licensing agreements have become more complex and challenging to even the most experienced business people. Whether your business either owns, is acquiring the rights to, or is licensing the intellectual property, it is important to be represented by attorneys experienced in such transactions.

Our IP licensing attorneys are also experienced in litigation that can result from breaches of licensing agreements to the unlawful appropriation of your intellectual property. By globally utilizing our contacts and resources, we can help protect your rights worldwide.

Baker and Rannells possesses the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to negotiate and prepare the appropriate agreement to maximize the return on licensing intellectual property. Let us help create a program that protects your intellectual property from theft and infringement.

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