The music entertainment industry is a constantly changing mixture of traditional and newly emerging structures and formats for the exploitation of creative endeavors, presenting local and global challenges and opportunities. The business is interdisciplinary in nature, a combination of intellectual property issues (i.e., trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, licensing), transactional needs (drafting and negotiating of contracts), and domestic and international law concerns. Baker and Rannells is a synergistic amalgam of related areas of law that enable us to provide broad-based, integrated, educated, experienced, and hands-on services to our clients.

Our entertainment industry clients include artists, producers, songwriters, production companies, record labels, managers, actors, Internet based enterprises, merchandisers, and endorsers and sponsors of entertainment property and persons. Whether starting a career or business, or expanding an established career or company, our firm can meet your entertainment needs.

We are experienced in:

  • Counseling clients
  • Filing
  • Prosecuting
  • Litigating
  • Maintaining and protecting intellectual property rights
  • Drafting and negotiating a wide range of agreements, including: recording, music publishing and administration, production, producer, management, distribution, touring, merchandising, corporate endorsement and sponsorship, license, Internet, and book publishing agreements.

Where to begin.

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