You had an idea, sacrificed and labored long to protect it and bring it into reality. Now someone has seized on your hard work to sell a knockoff as their own. The harm to you is clear: lost share of market, lost revenue, and damaged reputation. We truly understand how frustrating that feeling can be.

Protect your product against counterfeiting.

Baker and Rannells, is experienced in protecting and enforcing the trademark and copyright portfolios of our clients. We have developed anti-counterfeiting programs, which include the safeguarding, monitoring and enforcement of intellectual property (including registration of trademarks and copyrights with Customs) and when necessary, we have instituted litigation proceedings to obtain seizure orders and injunctions. Such immediate action is necessary to prevent the continued proliferation of counterfeit goods that can cause immeasurable harm to our clients and their licensees. We have successfully represented our clients against infringers and counterfeiters and will work diligently to protect your rights as well.

Where to begin.

Schedule a no cost initial consultation with our attorneys experienced in brand protection and anti-counterfeiting strategies. There’s no obligation. Simply call our office at (908) 722-5640 or send an email using the form on this page. We look forward to speaking with you.