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Brief History of Trademarks

In trademark treatises it is usually reported that blacksmiths who made swords in the Roman Empire are thought of as being the first users of trademarks. Other notable trademarks that [...]

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A trademark is diluted when the use of similar or identical trademarks in other non‐competing markets means that the trademark in and of itself will lose its capacity to signify [...]

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Trademark Search

In the United States, the USPTO maintains a database of registered trademarks. The database is open to the public; however a licensed attorney may be required to interpret the search [...]

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Trademark Terminology and Symbols

Terms such as "mark", "brand" and "logo" are sometimes used interchangeably with "trademark". "Trademark", however, also includes any device, brand, label, name, signature, word, letter, numerical, shape of goods, packaging, [...]

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