A trademark includes any name, word, symbol, or device used, in business to distinguish the goods of one company from another. A trademark is a brand name and a valuable asset that should be protected.

1. Pick Wisely
There are four main kinds of trademarks:

  • Descriptive (Ex: Honey Bunches of Oats)
  • Suggestive (Ex: Jaguar)
  • Arbitrary; (Ex: Apple)
  • Fanciful (Ex: Kodak)

Note that descriptive trademarks are less likely to get approved when you compare them with the other three.

2. Be Unique
The trademark must be sufficiently unique in order to be approved, to be protectable and to keep away infringement complaints. USPTO will analyze your trademark application and compare with other approved trademarks to gauge the uniqueness.

3. Clear Drawing and Specimen
USPTO would expect a clear drawing of the mark to be submitted with the paperwork. Make sure the drawing matches the mark on the specimen. For products submit the actual label or tags used on the product packaging. For services use brochure or magazine advertisement that clearly shows the mark.

You can keep track of your trademark application by entering your registration number here: http://tarr.uspto.gov

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